Martingale Paracord Dog Collars

Martingale collars, also known as Half Check or Combination Collars are designed to gently tighten around the neck, because of this the collar will not slip over your hounds head when under pressure.
This is the perfect collar for greyhounds, whippets and other sighthounds whose heads are smaller than the circumference of their necks but is more and more popular with owners of other breeds due to it’s none slip properties.
The main part of the collar is manufactured from strong 550 Paracord and when the collar is properly fitted it will tighten just to the size of your hound’s neck, it won’t choke him but will prevent the hound from escaping.
Apart from its functionality, the Martingale Paracord Collar comes in beautiful colours and gives an owner the opportunity to bring out their hounds personality.
Our collection is constantly evolving and we are always introducing new and exciting designs. Currently, we have the Cobra, King Cobra and the Apollo.

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